POCH is pioneer in environmental consulting in Chile our team strategically manages the entire project, from conception to start-up.

Our clients have our support in the processing and environmental compliance from a multidisciplinary and integral perspective, based on more than 400 environmental studies, with an approval rate of 98%. Within our services, we highlight the environmental impact studies (EIA), environmental impact statements (EIS), relevance analysis and management with authority.

We provide advice in the field of Environmental Management, Natural Resources, Cultural Heritage, and Environmental Legal Advice.


POCH accompanies the client throughout the entire projects.

  • Development of environmental procedures
  • Environmental audits
  • Environmental Permits (PAS)
  • Environmental Authorizations
  • Environmental studies
  • Environmental legal consulting

We develop environmental assessments for our clients, aimed at:

  • Characterization of environmental variables prior to the development of a project (baseline).
  • Monitoring during project execution.
  • We develop and execute environmental management measures, in response to the generation of impacts on the implementation of investment projects (mitigation, repair and / or compensation measures).

We offer:

  • Environmental characterization and evaluation of continental and submarine heritage elements.
  • Environmental characterization and evaluation of continental and submarine heritage elements.
  • Rescue and enhancement of assets.
  • Expert studies of the current status of heritage elements (eg archaeological sites).
  • Design and implementation of relocation programs for petroglyphs.
  • Spatial analysis of heritage elements using Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

POCH offers legal support of a preventive and strategic nature, understanding that it is essential in the conception and development of environmental projects. Therefore, we offer the following services:

  • Legal support in the preparation and processing of Studies and Declarations of Environmental Impact, SEIA.
  • Legal support in the preparation and processing of environmental authorizations.
  • Environmental due diligence.
  • Evaluation and legal strategy of environmental contingencies.
  • Defense in judicial and administrative proceedings of an environmental nature.
  • Regular updating of environmental regulations, occupational safety and health, food safety (national and / or foreign), and fishing.
  • Training and audits on environmental regulatory compliance.
  • Reports in law.