At POCH we understand that the current projects cover more challenges and our experts are referring in matters of building. Therefore, we deliver an inclusive consultancy that incorporates the concepts of sustainability, Green Building, zero emissions, retrofit, intelligent buildings and cities, roof collars, water efficiency. In addition, we offer new construction methods that optimize time and budget.


We advise the main developers and investors in shopping centers and retailers of the region, translating their requirements and expectations to the Master Plan, adding value by optimizing costs, terms and deliveries.
We provide integral consultancy in aspects of architecture, engineering, construction management and technical inspection of works, looking for optimized design criteria and oriented to efficiency in operation.
POCH provides the expertise and skills of its experts to respond to the needs of each project from optimized and sustainable design to the final reception.
We provide support with various work groups, in order to obtain competitive, cost-efficient, innovative and attractive projects for the final client.