Descripción del Proyecto

Project Description

Komatsu-Mitsui Maquinaria Peru (KMMP), a leading company in integrated solutions and after-sales service for the mining and construction sectors. POCH executed two projects: the engines shop and Services of Management and Supervision in Callao Plant for the projects to develop in 2015.

Expansion of machine shop

POCH participates in the revision of the Engineering Projects, with the purpose of generating optimizations, and in the Supervision of Work. The expansion comprised two parts with different uses: An expansion in the engine shop with 1000 m2 and two new levels of offices with 1052 m2.

Management and supervise Services Plant Callao 2015 projects.

POCH participates in the Management of bidding competitions, monitoring the work progress and budgetary control, support to the Field Supervision team, technical Supervision of work with the control and revision of the construction of the civil works, structures, finishes and specialties of the different projects that were developed during the 2015.