Descripción del Proyecto

Project Description

As part of the growth process of the Molitalia S.A. plant in Lima, POCH participates in providing consulting services through the development of engineering, project coordination and project supervision projects.

Engineering specialties developed:

Architectural Project, Safety and Evacuation Project, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Piping Engineering, Air Conditioning Engineering, Sanitary Engineering.

The project includes the construction of areas for production processes, biscuits and jams lines, also areas for finished product storage use.

The project was developed on a plot of 21,712.86 m² with a constructed area of 16,137.71m2.

Currently Molitalia is a leader in the Peruvian market of mass consumption, participating in the categories of pasta, flour, semolina, cookies, waffers, biscuits, chocolates, candies, oats, fish preserves, fruit preserves, jams and cereals for breakfast. It has recognized brands like Molitalia, Costa, Ambrosoli, Fanny, Marco Polo, 3 Ositos, San Remo and O’Rayan, etcetera.