Descripción del Proyecto

Project Description

As part of the strengthening of its operation in Peru, Cruz Blanca Group implements its first Medical Center in the Northern Cone of the City of Lima, under the brand Integramedica Perú SA, in which POCH participates in the development of all specialties projects, management Of projects and supervision of work.

The project called CM Mega Plaza Independencia, includes the implementation of an outpatient Medical Center, dental and ray clinics, sampling booths, ambulatory procedures rooms and diagnostic rooms for images, administrative areas, waiting rooms, among others. With a constructed area of 4,000 m2, approximately, within the enlargement that will be realized in the commercial center Mega Plaza.

Engineering specialties developed:

Architectural Project, Structural Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Air Conditioning Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Base Project for C.C.T.V. And audio, Project of compressed air, Project of Safety and Protection against fires (extinction and detection), Waste treatment project.