Descripción del Proyecto

Project Description

Due to the imminent growth of the urban area and the scarcity of land available adjacent to the area where its operations are currently underway, Sandvik, whose main commercial activity is the import, sales and maintenance of machinery for mining, decides to build a new plant To be located in the district of Lurín, in the city of Lima; POCH was hired to give as an integral consultant for the development of its project, called Lima Project.

In a first phase, POCH develops the Feasibility Study, verifying the viability of the project and developing engineering at the conceptual level. In a second phase, it develops all the engineering specialties. Subsequently, we coordinated the bidding of the project and finally the supervision.

Engineering specialties developed:

Architectural Project, Structural Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and IT, Mechanical Engineering, HVAC Project, Fire Protection Project, Evacuation and Safety Project, Sanitary Engineering, Effluent Treatment Plant (Development of civil works, electrical connections and health).

In parallel, the environmental consulting team develops the Environmental Impact Statement (EIA) necessary to identify and assess the predictable effects that will be produced on the different environmental aspects by the project.